When you see in general is schooling what what does that mean meaning uh how does how does a student most students don’t think they’re that unique our they’re that interesting how do you help them bring that out in in an essay particularly for us admissions and frankly our on the world as well right the schooling has anything to do with it I mean you know whether it’s a general or specialized school the school is not really what it’s about it’s how someone thinks that the look this is what I do I you know this is why people come to me because it is a really difficult process and I am part psychologist I mean part of the process what’s I’m part of the process is to what I do is I help the student explore and ask these questions that I know they haven’t thought about that’s why I said this is the most stressful.

And the part of the application and the hardest essay you’ve ever written for the stab ferry engine is that it smart so what can you do the few questions I put are very general but again don’t think of it in terms of oh I went to just a general school it’s not about what school you went to and if you don’t have to have found the cure for you know some disease during your junior summer in whatever country it’s not about that it’s as simple as what do you see when you walk down the street how do you interpret what’s around you how do you interpret what’s going on in the world how do you think about you know do you are you aware you know something as simple as you watch the life change at Twilight and if so why is this meaningful to you or although your friends think X about a video game but you think why I’m not suggesting you write about videogames but the point is even though you’ve had the same experiences.

Perhaps as most other people that doesn’t mean you think the same way they do everyone has a different way of looking at the world even if it’s your day to day life maybe it’s something about relationship with a friend or a family member or remember it’s not the what it’s the why in the how so the what could it could be the simplest of things I sit and stare at a piece of dust floating off the floor I might think truthfully if you wrote them you could write the most brilliant essay about that just what you’re thinking about that I mean I’ve had a students do something like that you know and not to that degree but they write something purely stream of thought in their imagination or actually I know someone who wrote about her experience looking out a window and it was most beautiful essay so you don’t have to have had these adventurous life you stinking Europeans to write something interesting.