I’m going to explain why I think you should put it at the end and you may have to fight with your advisor or supervisor about this but there Hugo so here’s why I think it’s difficult right remember the goal is to convey your key idea right this related work section is like a sand bar or barrier between your reader and your key idea your goal is to get you know my idea from for my head to focus head as fast as possible and if I put a say before I can tell you about my idea for I first of all have to tell you about you know the notion of transactions from brown and modified for distributing systems and and you know dealing with differential privacy and so forth and you’re thinking I have no clear what any of this is about so am I really going to pay attention to Simon. 

So there are several difficulties with this so the first is that it makes them makes your readers think feel stupid all right let’s see so let me see how can I put this yeah so you’re faced with the compromise you got you’re you’re writing the paper you’re writing this related work section and it keeps getting longer because to do a good job of describing related work it takes a little while all right and then you think but now that you know it’s going to be three or four pages before we get to my idea so I’ll shrink it so you remove every alternate sentence right and now you sort of squished it now it becomes much harder to understand all right and it’s because after you finished your paper your reader will have a lot more intellectual scaffolding they’ll have more vocabulary they’ll have more examples.

They’ll just have more stuff in their head that will make the the state of the art comprehensible to them moreover by the time you get to the end you also will have explained your idea so that you’re it’s easy to make a smooth comparison between what you’ve done and what they’ve done why was in related work at the beginning you’re sort of forced into an uneasy compromise about about saying well this is the state of the art and we’re going to improve in the following way but I haven’t got to haven’t told you yet what we’re going to do it all your no clue what I’m going to do so it’s very very uneasy and and so so and then your reader is reading this stuff and they feel stupid because they don’t understand it why don’t they understand it but it’s not their territory primarily and because you’ve compressed it to make it short and they feel tired because they tried to wade through this stuff they thought maybe I need to know this to understand the paper which is probably false so if you’re tired so by the time they get to the idea they’re a bit worn out they’re not their tails are not wagging coming sense.