Identifing Essay Paper Principles

In this part of your paper should have a foot should reference somebody else who is saying what a word means and how that’s important how why this is important I don’t mean this in a bad way don’t take me wrong I don’t care what you know I only care what you can prove prove to me that somebody else said this is what a word means don’t you tell me what the word means because you are not the PhD scholar on Greek language and you’re not the PhD scholar in in the study of Ephesus so don’t tell me what you think you know make sure you sign it make sure you support it make sure you show the work show the research. 

you’re also going to want to identify the theological principles communicated by your passage you want to organize this roughly one section at a time here’s a good way to think about it opening sentence tell me what your paragraphs gonna be about then explain explain explain explain support support support and then move on to the next paragraph but every paragraph should have one main idea it should be somewhere between I don’t know three to six I would even say five to seven sentences long shouldn’t be much longer than that if it is you probably cross the line of too much content in one paragraph so break up your paragraphs two or three paragraphs per page and do good writing my challenge is to write it write it write it rewrite it rewrite it rewrite a few things not to do notice them here don’t try to include everything you’ve learned there’s gonna be something you learned about the city of Ephesus that’s gonna be important included there gonna be other things that you learned in your study of Ephesus that are not pertinent to me understanding this passage so you should not include it you only have 12 pages and I know that sounds like a lot until you get ready to do an information dump and tell me everything and yet at the same time telling me everything you’ve not explained to me the main idea.

Let’s focus on the main idea the whole way and that’ll be good number two don’t preach to the reader you’re writing an exegetical paper not a sermon I don’t substitute a fluffy illustration or touching testimony for biblical interpretation that this paper is not where that goes that would be great in the presentation of a sermon but not an exegetical paper don’t use phrases like I believe or I think that doesn’t go an exegetical paper and don’t use the illustration so explain it give me evidence not illustration I don’t lose sight of the goal of explaining the meaning text tell me why the main idea is whatever you say this that’s what we’re looking for I don’t learn don’t quote large sections of text from a secondary source in fact I would challenge you do not include a blockquote at all sure they’re helpful from time to time.